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A Chair for Everyone

Have you ever wondered how many different kinds of chairs are available today? One for each home to suit any backdrop. The different kinds of chairs found in the market can be quite overwhelming for a buyer or a home decor enthusiast. The world of home decor is swamped with a lot of furniture, different styles, with varying shapes, sizes and functions, that buying something as simple as a chair becomes a daunting task.


It’s Party Perfect!

Come Saturday evening, a question that nags you no end is what to wear for a night on the town and how to jazz up a drab outfit. Most of us don’t have the luxury of owning a trendy wardrobe nor do we have the money to spend on a new dress every week, and repeating an outfit of course is a complete ‘no-no’.


Embracing Hipster Decor

Home decor styles have changed over the ages. A few decades ago, classy and chic was the way to go, but current trends are anything but ordinary, with people looking for inspiration in the most unexpected places.

Decorating your home is truly an art. You need to carefully hand pick the furniture, choose the material and make sure they all are unique, while still forming a harmonious unit, says Sarah Thomas
Art That Every Home Needs
Decoupaging is a French word which means to decorate objects through paper cut-outs. Sarah Thomas elaborates on how you can employ this technique to embellish your home.
As You Become The Expert
From funky cushion covers to delightful bookshelves, there’s no limit to what you can create for your home. Forget the expensive fares at the interior decor stores, Sarah Thomas urges you to ‘do it yourself’
Home Is Where The Love Is

When it comes to gifting a loved one on  Valentine’s Day, some would go down the extravagant path while some prefer the subdued, low-key celebrations. No matter how you celebrate the day, its always the little things that make a huge difference.
Make Space for Some Green
Rising levels of pollution and shrinking green spaces are prompting people to have their own gardens. For those constrained by space and ideas, Sarah Thomas looks out
for some creative methods.
Up, Above and Charming

The Hanging Gardens of Babylon is famous around the world and this distinctive feature is what made the ancient city of Babylon a rare beauty. While recreating this poetic creation may be a far thought, you still can beautify your home with a   rather modest hanging garden. It would not require the skill or complex water engineering of Babylon Gardens. It would not look anything close to the picture ‘hanging gardens’ may be bring to mind, but it sure will be a beautiful sight.


Want Some Green In a Bottle?
Sarah Thomas offers five simple steps for garden lovers to grow their own terrariums
Yellow Pages, Bright Shelves
With the new year having arrived, it will be the resolution of many people to clean up the previous year’s mess.
Say Cheers To Bottle Art
Upcycled bottle art is the most sought-after decorative element for interior designing these days, and it goes without saying that wine and beer bottles are a thing of beauty. Even when left alone, they form lovely decorative pieces, writes Sarah Thomas.
Save Every Precious Drop

Sarah Thomas gives us a lowdown on how important it is to have a rainwater harvesting system in our homes.


Return Of The Retro Styles

There has always been a fascination with the old world; designers constantly draw inspiration from styles that are now considered passé, and you really cannot blame them because there truly is something very captivating about retro trends. Adopting the yesteryear feel in homes has become the latest craze, with people wanting to have at least a piece of retro furniture that is reminiscent of the decorative styles of the era gone by.


Some Stylish Hideaways

Cabinets are the ultimate stowaway spaces for all our knick-knacks. But how do we choose the right one? Sarah Thomas offers some expert suggestions to help you decide on the right cabinets for all your needs at home.


Dress Up, Chic
Summer fashion is all about getting out there, picking what you’re comfortable in and feeling beautiful. Dresses certainly fit that bill, writes Sarah Thomas.
What’s Not To Like About Nail Art?
Sarah Thomas dishes out the latest tips and tricks on flashing the best nail designs.
A Terrace That Breathes
Terrace gardens are fast-gaining popularity because of the limited space in cities. Sarah Thomas gives us tips to turn our roof into our very own Garden of Eden.
Carry Elegance Round Your Neck

A muffler goes with any outfit or fashion. Sarah Thomas tells you how to go trendy with one this winter.


Simply Wrap it Up
The wrap-around skirts these days have become some of the most versatile clothes, for they are lending themselves to turn into fashionable dresses as well, finds-out Sarah Thomas.


Welcome the Birds

Bangalore has more than 300 species of birds. Here are some tips by Sarah Thomas to attract some of the winged beauties to your home and garden.


Are You Striking or Striked Out in Stripes
Stripes go a long way in creating a whole new you. They can make you look thinner if you wish, make your hip look bulkier if you’re too skinny, and even give you a slimmer waist! But only if you know how to pick the right kind of stripes and what to pair them with, checks-out Sarah Thomas.
Scars do Fade
Most women fret about stretch marks and try hard to cover them in layers of clothes. About 90 percent of the women experience stretch marks around their belly, hips and thighs. But it’s not just the women, who suffer from the ugly reddish purple lines.
Wedging Woes of Wearing Stilettos
When in pain from wearing stilettos, switch to the comfy yet stylish wedges, says Sarah Thomas.
Just go the Curly Way
Curly hair is now the hottest trend, writes Sarah Thomas.
Gardens as Gifts
This festive season, if you are wondering what to gift your dear ones, engage with nature and gift them a garden, suggests Sarah Thomas.
Good Luck Swims Your Way
Fortune now comes with a curvy big head and a mix of bright colours. Over decades the Flowerhorn has been considered a Feng Shui good luck fish. In the past few months the demand for this species has increased a great deal in the city.
For the Love of Gardens
The task of making nature pretty has never been hard, because nature, in itself, is beautiful. So, all you need to do is use the right kind of ornaments to decorate your garden, suggests Sarah Thomas.
Getting More Out of Less
As much as a wardrobe is a necessity, making space for one in a small room can be rather tricky. Sarah Thomas offers some creative ideas to store your clothes in style.
Embracing Ethnic Earthenware
Expensive artefacts are no longer the order of the day. Sarah Thomas contends that the ever so versatile earthenware offers better options.

I have written more than 300 health and science articles. Since I cannot post all of them, here is the link to the site’s archive. You can browse through all of my articles.


This is a blog that featured a few opinion pieces and some stories on other topics. Read on.

Do Women Have to Live in Fear

In the past few days we have seen a number of atrocities against women. Girls aged five to teenagers and adult women have been molested and gang raped. Rapes have been making the headlines all over and in most cases the victims…

Internet Shopping: The Latest Fad
Are you that typical shopper who walks into a million showrooms just to pick that perfect piece which would make you stand out? Or are you that person who wastes hours shopping, trying to perfect your wardrobe? Well if you thought there was no other way to do…

A Kite in Fright
Wednesday, January 16 was probably one of the most horrifying days for the Pariah Kite that was flying…


Mota Chashma an information portal for students, parents and educational institutions. I had written one article for teenagers and thought it would reach my target group better if it was featured on a blog or website that was frequently browsed by a younger crowd. Mota Chashma published the article on their site. Its a really inspiring article, do read.

Being ‘YOU’ is Simply Beautiful

So you are not tall, you do not have a 36-24-36 figure…
The Green Fiesta
With Christmas and New Year just over, one can sense the festivity in the air. The gift shops are full and it’s quite obvious why. Festivals are the only time when everybody wants to go out there and get their loved ones something special and memorable. You don’t want to be giving them a…
My Metamorphosis: From Girl to Woman
The page that has learnt night is darkest before dawn.
All India Catholic Magazine. I write more of opinion pieces and not so much about religion. Because I believe religion is personal and one cannot impose ones opinions on others. Words being a powerful medium can influence people and I do not want to influence people’s religious beliefs. 
The articles published in the Tabor Kirana are not available online and so I have published them on my blog. Will put up the links for them as well, though you can browse through the blog and find them.
Beauty is Faceless
Imagine your face, burnt and charred. Your nose replaced by two little holes, almost as if it does not exist and just a slit for a mouth, and your skin sticking to the adjacent parts making movement difficult. The very thought of it is frightening…

Just What is This Love?

Love…Love…Love…four little letters that can mean so much. Four little letters that can grab your attention just instantly; four little letters that when said, echoes in the heart and rings the soul. Just what is this love? Is it the words wrapped in a letter from a boy to a girl, sealed with a kiss? 
Who is Responsible For Her Flight
The increasing number of rapes, molestations, acid attacks and various other crimes on women, has instilled fear and a strong sense of insecurity among most people. Women don’t feel safe in their own cities. While some of them take precautions, so as to stop any untoward incidents, the others have started raising their voices in hope…
“They called us dogs, treated us like animals. In an hour’s time, they turned our land into a graveyard,” said Ulfath Jaffar. Tears rolled down her cheeks as she narrated her story. Ulfath is a mother of four children; her husband was an auto driver…

Dear Bangaloreans, Why Must We Always Adjust?
The rash driving by the auto driver causes hurt to the passenger. The driver hurls abuses at her. People become mute spectators to the incident. This happens in namma Bengaluru.

Be Your Own Boss
We’ve all heard many ‘rags to riches’ stories of how people with small time jobs have made it big by themselves. Often, these success stories would have got you thinking about yourself, about how you could get there too. Ever wondered what is common in Bill Gates, Walt Disney, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg or our very own Ratan Tata and Kiran Mazumdar?


There are several other articles published in the magazine  YOUTH INK  Bangalore based Youth Magazines. I also write luxury fashion articles for  LUXECHRONICLE, a luxury fashion website, still under construction. Will update them once they are published.

Do read the articles and write back to me with your feedback, if you liked anything or just to say Hi! 🙂

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