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Strange Paradoxes

Human beings are strange creatures,
we smile in pain and cry when in joy.
We try to fill holes that people have left us with,
with excuses and hopes
not knowing some gaps are meant to be.
We try to live and love but end up,
merely existing…



Your Safe

Your safe,
nestled in my heart.
Your safe,
In those vivid memories.
Your safe,
in my late night dreams.
Your safe,
in surreality.
Your safe, your safe,
away from my reality.

– Sarah Thomas

Forest Fires

She was fire
And he was the wind
She ignited his world
He spread her flames.
When they met,
forests were set ablaze.

The trees watched as they burned,
fire and wind twirling in the haze.
He could never put her off,
she could never stop her flames
And that was their weakness.

When it was done,
She left him in smoke,
He left her in ashes.
And they were remembered through
Forest Fires.

– Sarah Thomas