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Touching poem on Terrorism!

They are shedding tears, but I won’t write to wipe them,

Let the tears be your strength and I will write to fight them.

They lost their loved ones, but I won’t write to sympathise them,

Let the hatred be always in your eyes and I will write to incise them.

Fab Writings

They are shedding tears, but I won’t write to wipe them,

They lost their loved ones, but I won’t write to sympathise them.

They are threatened, but I won’t write to warm them,

They are horrified, but I won’t write to calm them.

Lives were washed away, under the sheets of bullets,

They pulled the trigger and terrorized them to the fullest.

Horrific wounds are buried under thick smoke of bomb,

while we just raise our voices on facebook dot com.

Furiously, the families were torn apart,

And a child asked them, “Don’t you have a Heart?”.

The world also cried, when flag of inhumanity was waved,

When the harmony of world and the peace were enslaved.

Death parcels fell from sky like present,

They killed innocents, “was this your intent?”.

To shoot his Dad, he was the one appointed,

While on other side, his mother was gunpointed.

This is…

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That Friday

I woke up from a deep sleep,
wiping the sand from my eyes.
Looking at signals going red and traffic halts.

The sky was dull, as though bearing in a tale.
Such a common sight for a peak hour Friday evening.
But it looked all so unfamiliar.

I did not belong here.
For the first time I felt like an alien in a strange city.
My mind belonged to the wild,
my heart to the sea.
Bearing tides and beasts within me.

-Sarah Thomas

Fallen Angels

FALLEN ANGELS, a film that moved me greatly, brought me to tears and even made me smile. I’ve never doubted the strength that a woman had but this documentary made me realise, we are more than what we will ever know or can gauge.The many lives I have witnessed of the women around have only taught me strength, hope, courage, optimism, kindness and love. I wish I could reach out to each one of these children and their mothers, tell them it is okay to accept their realities, it is okay to be a sex worker, it is okay to cry and weep. These women may not be great personalities but they still inspire me, give me strength.

Please watch the film below.
it isn’t being embedded for some reason. However, please click on the link  and watch.





She looked at herself in the mirror,
Cursing her flaws, the freckles on her face,
“I should have been lighter,” she thinks,
Only imagining the cover girl, she idealises within.

She touches her plump, curvaceous body,
Sucks in her perfect little tummy,
runs her hands down her hips,
tries to pose sexy, with a pout on her lips.

Her stretch marks showing,
Her hair is all curly, messed up in a bun
She looks no less than a super model
But just not the girl she dreams of, not that one.

“More carrot juice,” she says out loud.
Yoga and exercise will do the trick.
I will fit in my skinny jeans, short skirts and fancy dress
And oh gosh! my hair! I hate this mess!

45 minutes have passed
She comments on all the ordinary,
the cellulite, the love handles, dark circles, pointy nose
She smiles one last time and is disappointed at the way her gum shows.

Trying to love the little she can,
examining her bare body, unable to understand.
She picks up the magazine,
The perfect image of her on that cover page
Yet not one single aspect with which she can relate.

What is real, she thinks to herself,
The blush, the long lashes or the fair skin,
The image the world has built for her
Or what she really feels within?

Is she the beauty on that cover page,
The work of make up artists, photographers and talented photoshop skills,
Or is she the woman in the mirror
Trying hard to love herself, love herself, just a little!

Why doesn’t she see the truth,
perfect is perfect only when it’s you!
The wrongs, the rights, the fat and the freckles,
The unique smile, it’s all you, and that’s all that’s true!

The way you dance without a care in the world,
The way you smile at those in need,
Screaming out loud
You need no approval,
For loving all, all that is real.

Being fair, being tall, being thin
It’s not what beauty is made of
Beauty is, what lies within.

This poem is dedicated to every person who at some point has felt insecure, felt not being good enough, or has felt ugly. The media, the beauty industry is selling us a standard of beauty that does not exist, there is no perfect! The epitome of beauty that is shown to us, is only so that we learn to hate ourselves, to find faults so that we resort to their products to reach that standard. In the mad rush to gain more consumers they are selling a fantasy world to us, a world that never existed and will never exist. What exists is you, flesh and bones, happiness and sorrow, love and hate, a package of emotions and expressions, this is what  beauty is made of and nothing else!

Everyday I see women doing so much just to lose weight, to look good. I mean there is no harm in wanting to be fit but there is a huge problem if you wish to get there by comparing yourself with something that does not exist and criticise your body. It also makes a person judgemental about another person’s body. It’s a vicious cycle and now someone else has become prey to this flawed standard of beauty. Learn to love yourself and live with it. Only when you accept it and have the courage to live your life loud and clear, wear the clothes you want to wear irrespective of your size, feel free about your body, many others will too. Each day several people we come in contact with, draw inspiration from us and ape our behaviour unknowingly. Lets make them copy something worthwhile!

Its a chain reaction, when someone sees you so comfortable in your skin, wearing whatever the hell you want and living life free, they’re going to want to do the same. Freedom is within and so is beauty!


Hoping for Sunshine

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 10.42.28 PM

Through a million miles
Under a thousand suns
Love had once again begun

Roses had bloomed
The earth slowly, yet steadily dried
Giving way to new life

The misery was over
People were merry
Life was a million smiles, all back to normalcy.

Prayers and prayers
For all in the rains
Prayers and prayers
For smiles and lives
Prayers and prayers
For all in Chennai!

~Sarah Thomas

The Abyss Of The Mind

Through this photo series I have tried to capture the many aspects of loneliness – depression, anxiety, fear. The photos seek to look at a not so colourful world, devoid of meaning. A world most people are living in right now. And the truth is, it’s never on the outside, it’s always on the inside and that is what I have captured – the reflections of the mind.IMG_7660 copy

Let it go
As it all withers away.

IMG_7663 copy

I’m watching my self
Watching through the gaps,
Secretly, just watching myself breakdown.

IMG_7672 copy

I’ve waited long enough,
To meet my own self
Lost somewhere in the abyss of my mind.

IMG_7676 copy

Can you look deeply?
Can you see my soul?

IMG_7677 copy

The fear of yesterday scares me,
As I hold on to the walls,
Knowing as perfect as it was,
Nightmares don’t come with labels.

IMG_7687 copy

Broken down,
Looking into the unknown
I’m waiting to fill that space
Yet I feel your presence,
I see your face.

IMG_7690 copy

Let those thoughts gush.
A reflection of the mind.


You were my comfort,
my security,
my protection,
my happy place.
But great things are achieved
when life leaves you in the spot
devoid of any protection, away from your comfort zone
So I bid goodbye to all things lovely,
to all things that made me weak.
I bid goodbye to you,
for a better me.

Eyes That Drove Me Crazy

How deep is your love?

We’ve heard stories of people falling in love with their best friends, with a college mate or someone they came across at some point of time in life and that someone just became too special. What’s more? You have love birds in the virtual world as well, they have never met but every Skype call and message is so packed with love.

But what if one could fall in love with the imaginary, someone existing within the darkness of your mind. Can you really be infatuated with someone or something that does not exist?

This poem is an expression of one’s love towards the unknown. I hope you enjoy it, Read on!


Far, far away deep under the sea
I see your dark blue eyes gazing at me
It’s the surface keeping us apart
And every time you blink, its love that fills my heart.

It’s your eyes I’ve fallen in love with
It’s those eyes that’s driven me crazy
The selflessness, the love, the innocence, the peace
Everything your eyes depicts to me
Raises my heart increases its beats….

How can I explain this loneliness and pain?
My world, without you is, oh! so plain
It’s a wave of departure that’s engulfed me…
You’ve made me empty from within
Is this what love really is…Walking through heavens doors,
While in reality you’re on the floor….

9075807_f520No matter what it may be, no matter what they say.
I hope, one day the clouds open wide
I see you as a whole with your eyes shining bright
I’ve made a quick decision, I pray it comes true
Either you rise from below or I’ll come to you.

9075812_f520All I want to know is who you really are
The genie in the waters or a fallen star
Soon you’ll move away, soon you’ll find your way
I know this won’t last for long
You’ll soon be a memory to cherish,
A thought that will fill me with bliss…

9075818_f520But every time I live this moment
I know you’ll come alive
Your piercing eyes will catch my sight
And soon you’ll take hold of my mind.

I have no regrets for what is happening
I know not whom to complain
Cause you’re a dream that I’ve created
And I’m the one to blame.

I can see you moving a part,
Slowly pacing away
However far you move, you’ll remain in my heart
There forever you’ll stay! 



The Legacy

This is a poem on the horrid, bonded labour system that still persists in the nation. A must read!

Sire, sire let me go,
I’m old, I cannot work no more.

I have a family and five young ones.
I’ve been here for years, spare me some months.

The sire was angered by the servant’s plea!
He said, “Before you leave, return all that you owe me!”

The servant had worked for years on end
For a loan his father had taken to spend.

He couldn’t say a word because he had no money
He was tired of all he saw- greed and gluttony

The Zamindar said cunningly, “Give me your son in turn
He will work much harder, the loan to return.”

The servant was helpless and cried at his fate
He picked up the sickle to go back to the estate

“I will not do to my son, what my father did to me.
He has a life of his own, let him live it happily.”

With tears in his eyes, he touched his body so timid
His hand shivered, he stopped for a minute.

His head spun around, the heat at its peak.
Fell dead on the ground-the story of the weak.

His family was shattered, poverty stricken
The very son he tried to protect was now the Zamindar’s victim.