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Gentle Lullabies

She was not safe then,
She was not safe now
Curled up in his arms, warm.
Passing through avenues,
Moving into the wilderness.
She was at peace with herself,
Whispering sweet nothings to the moon,
As it whispered back, gentle lullabies
The wind rippled through her hair,
The dust on her cheeks more so evident
There was nothing as gentle as the lines drawn on her forehead,
nothing as strong as the calmness in her breath
She was the dream he had never hoped to wake up from,
while reality lay asleep in his arms.
And they passed through long roads, holding each other tight.

-Sarah Thomas

An excerpt from my book, ‘Cells and Constellations’

I will be releasing my #book ‘Cells and Constellations’ around the same time next year. It is a compilation of #poems, trying to explore the complexity and simplicity of #love and life. How everything we do and experience stems just from two innate drives, the vigour to #live and the spirit to love. I will be putting up excerpts every now and then and would love to hear what you think.


Why do we weep?

Why do we weep?
Why do we weep, for those we know don’t care?
Why do we weep, searching for solace in the darkness?

Searching for warmth, in the coldest of places.
Why do we hold on to false images?
Knowing truly there is no reality in all that we believe,
Why do we turn a blind eye to all that we clearly perceive.

Is the heart so obsessed with the world,
That it knows not what’s best for itself.
Does it not know, that the one that really needs it’s love, is itself.

Why do weep, for all that’s around,
when the only drops of tears should be shed for the weeping heart.
In despair and angst, turning it’s back on reality,
slowly drifting apart.

Learning of it’s insecurities, beating heavily,
reminding itself of it’s vulnerabilities.
Why do we weep, for those that least deserve such fierce emotions?
Those who learn to cut deep and walk away,
To mean things they never say.

Love, with all that you have.
Fall hard, fall for reality, fall for vulnerability,
Fall for insecurities, fall for scraped knees, and bleeding hearts.
Fall hard for all that you can touch and see,
and all that will leave more than scars on your identity.

Why do we weep?
Holding so much passion, love and anger,
feeling success and defeat, joy and sorrow.
Today may be over, but there’s always a fresh start.
We are all promised a tomorrow.

~ Sarah Thomas


‘Pieces’ is a photo series, wherein I have tried to aesthetically capture pieces of ones soul in the parts of the face and body. It is a the birth of emotions and stories through incomplete pictures, that ultimately come together to create a whole.


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The Abyss Of The Mind

Through this photo series I have tried to capture the many aspects of loneliness – depression, anxiety, fear. The photos seek to look at a not so colourful world, devoid of meaning. A world most people are living in right now. And the truth is, it’s never on the outside, it’s always on the inside and that is what I have captured – the reflections of the mind.IMG_7660 copy

Let it go
As it all withers away.

IMG_7663 copy

I’m watching my self
Watching through the gaps,
Secretly, just watching myself breakdown.

IMG_7672 copy

I’ve waited long enough,
To meet my own self
Lost somewhere in the abyss of my mind.

IMG_7676 copy

Can you look deeply?
Can you see my soul?

IMG_7677 copy

The fear of yesterday scares me,
As I hold on to the walls,
Knowing as perfect as it was,
Nightmares don’t come with labels.

IMG_7687 copy

Broken down,
Looking into the unknown
I’m waiting to fill that space
Yet I feel your presence,
I see your face.

IMG_7690 copy

Let those thoughts gush.
A reflection of the mind.


I love portrait photography. Every face is very unique and beautiful and I try to explore that in my pictures. These pictures have been clicked at different points of time so you will find different logos (I’ve been experimenting with them and so far I’ve not been satisfied with any) used. Go through the pictures, your feedback is most welcome. 🙂

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The Man In Those Flashes

This poem is a representation of thoughts and how sometimes though we are physically in the moment, the mind wanders in the past. Looking for memories and stories to fill the blank spaces of the present. I wrote this poem when I heard the story of a friend. It seemed so similar to many relationships and yet was so different, there was yearning, there was pain and there was still hope. For me the man here could mean anything, moments that will never come back, ones childhood, your own past haunting you. It could mean anything.

Many people read this poem and give me their versions of the story. For some it is the story of a girl, for some it is an expression of yearning and some say it just is the mind, the way one reacts to things. This poem is open to interpretation, you can understand it in your own way. Let me know what you think of it. Here goes…

Photo Credit: Farhan Hussain

Your lost in the meadows,
your ashes gushing through the streams of history.
And sometimes I wish I could bring you back.
Flashes of laughter, of plays and games
Flashes of a word with a golden haze.

Photo Credit: Farhan Hussain
Photo Credit: Farhan Hussain

I try my best to look so deep
To find that place, the site beneath your feet.
I’ve lost that face, the person that existed.
Though you are here, it is those flashes I live with.

I blow wishes that fly gently like soft cotton in the breeze.
Across the maze, through the paddy fields,
Reaching those mountains, in search of those meadows and streams.
I open my wishful eyes in hope of finding you, of finding me…

Photo credits:Farhan Hussain
Photo credits:Farhan Hussain

And I see your eyes looking at me,
Fresh, unscorned, in a daze
There’s a glare at the side of your lashes.
I hide in the shadow of your face, waiting for the man in those flashes.

Yes, you are here and yesterday knows you were in the meadows too,
But my dear that was different,
Though the man is the same,
Then I was a woman who loved you.


The storm, the famine, the windy days,
had never gotten the better of us.
Because we knew through our games and plays
that there was no need for a fuss.

But, no flashes need to tell me of that unforgettable sky
It rained and thundered while the sun was bright.
“Rainbows!” they screamed, as they danced and made merry
And indeed it was, rainbows in the clouds of many,

I knew better, the God’s did lie,
It was a sign for us, of departure, of goodbye.
The rain had stopped and the sun did shine
All the colours stood, beaming in a line.
Stories were told of the fox and the crow,
As they laughed loudly, drunk in wine.

Photo Credit: Farhan Hussain

I stood there staring at the woven skies,
No hand in mine, no reason for merry.
Lost in the meadows, a million stories to bury.
Strange those days and stranger still life’s ways.
In darkness we had stood and faced the tests of time
Yet, the morning breeze, the coming dawn, had tore us apart
took away what was mine.

Those colours had faded and the sky turned blue
You came back and held my hand, things started anew
But I lost the string of love to the colours in the sky
And I know, you lost it too, all the things we couldn’t deny.

Photo Credit: Farhan Hussain

Years have passed and we’re still together
It isn’t the same, uncertain and wavery, things change like the weather.
There are hurt and regrets and unmet expectations.
There’s love, yet fear and many hesitations.
We smile, we laugh, our pain and anger kept discreet
Rarely do I see, do I experience your warmth,
Waiting here forlorn , in hopes to meet.

So many years of togetherness and we hold that number with pride
It’s been so full of hopes and disappointments, this long ride.
Teary I shut these eyes every night, trying not to feel the prick of your whiplashes
Touching the scars, feeling the pain, yet I wait…
Wait for the man you were, the man in those flashes.

Photo credits:Farhan Hussain
Photo credits:Farhan Hussain

The beautiful images are taken from Farhan Hussain, a visual artist. You can check his work at http://iamfarhan.com/ or follow him on Instagram https://instagram.com/farhanhussain/