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There is something so fascinating about troubled #skies and troubled waters.
So alluring.
The twists and turns and nature’s mood swings.
The elements of surprise that leave us in awe.
It’s so strange that we desire so deeply for the calm but subconsciously adore the #storm.
Beautiful paradoxes.


Cloaked – Love and He

I don’t want us to go drinking.
I don’t want late night conversations, revealing our vulnerabilities.
I don’t want us to be buddies sharing dreams and regrets.
Neither do I want to know you.
I want us to be strangers,
to brush shoulders against each other, in a crowd.
Stealing glances at one another and may be smile once in a while.
I want to have the liberty to put together all those stories the lines on your face tell me, not knowing if it’s true.
Imagining the place you may come from, assuming it’s where you belong,
Listening to your voice taking me through a time travel,
admiring the little things you do from afar.
I don’t want to know you.
Don’t want this charm to wear off.
Be who you are, the man in the mask, cloaked from all I already know and I will continue to adore you.
Till reality tears it apart.
Some things are meant to be, shielded.
Let this too, be.
Don’t come close, stand afar,
You need not know me,
I don’t want to know who you really are.
Be that reality dressed in dreams and I will continue to be ignorant,
to experience love, even if only briefly.

Gentle Lullabies

She was not safe then,
She was not safe now
Curled up in his arms, warm.
Passing through avenues,
Moving into the wilderness.
She was at peace with herself,
Whispering sweet nothings to the moon,
As it whispered back, gentle lullabies
The wind rippled through her hair,
The dust on her cheeks more so evident
There was nothing as gentle as the lines drawn on her forehead,
nothing as strong as the calmness in her breath
She was the dream he had never hoped to wake up from,
while reality lay asleep in his arms.
And they passed through long roads, holding each other tight.

-Sarah Thomas

An excerpt from my book, ‘Cells and Constellations’

I will be releasing my #book ‘Cells and Constellations’ around the same time next year. It is a compilation of #poems, trying to explore the complexity and simplicity of #love and life. How everything we do and experience stems just from two innate drives, the vigour to #live and the spirit to love. I will be putting up excerpts every now and then and would love to hear what you think.

Why do we weep?

Why do we weep?
Why do we weep, for those we know don’t care?
Why do we weep, searching for solace in the darkness?

Searching for warmth, in the coldest of places.
Why do we hold on to false images?
Knowing truly there is no reality in all that we believe,
Why do we turn a blind eye to all that we clearly perceive.

Is the heart so obsessed with the world,
That it knows not what’s best for itself.
Does it not know, that the one that really needs it’s love, is itself.

Why do weep, for all that’s around,
when the only drops of tears should be shed for the weeping heart.
In despair and angst, turning it’s back on reality,
slowly drifting apart.

Learning of it’s insecurities, beating heavily,
reminding itself of it’s vulnerabilities.
Why do we weep, for those that least deserve such fierce emotions?
Those who learn to cut deep and walk away,
To mean things they never say.

Love, with all that you have.
Fall hard, fall for reality, fall for vulnerability,
Fall for insecurities, fall for scraped knees, and bleeding hearts.
Fall hard for all that you can touch and see,
and all that will leave more than scars on your identity.

Why do we weep?
Holding so much passion, love and anger,
feeling success and defeat, joy and sorrow.
Today may be over, but there’s always a fresh start.
We are all promised a tomorrow.

~ Sarah Thomas

Let What You Love Consume You

Let what you love consume you.
Let it take away your days and your hours.
Let it hold you tight and crush your being.
Let it kill you, if for a moment it can succeed in taking your breath away,
in sweeping you off your feet.
Let what you love consume you.

-Sarah Thomas