A Solicitous Enquiry after the Mental Health of Arnab Goswami

Well articulated, how I wish this could reach Arnab!
I had always admired the man for his stance and praised his courage, but recent times have got me thinking otherwise. How does one expect to relate or appreciate someone who has fought and believes in freedom of speech but never allows a contrary point of view on his show, deeming those with an ideology different from his as incorrect and deserving of his vile rant!

It’s saddening to see the country being fed this sort of journalism every night at prime time and then we ask, why are we so intolerant? Exposure to someone that people idealise, bawling out at everyone with contrary opinions and making that seem right is what influences the minds of the people!
We need to become aware of what the media feeds our minds with. An active filter is highly essential to stay sane.



I am wondering if all has been going well with you. I saw your show on television the other night and you were shouting at a young man who has now been accused of sedition because of a meeting he attended on his college campus. In this show you shouted this young man down, did not let him speak, turned off his mike while he struggled to make himself heard. You called him a terrorist. You said people like him are dangerous elements and wondered who was funding him. You told him he should be grateful for things that India has apparently given him and others like him. You even had a tweet for the purpose #FlashpointAfzal. We will not go into the extraordinary idiocy you displayed in your own version of what you are pleased to call an ‘argument’. It seems in the world you inhabit, and people…

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