SCARRED- A documentary on acid attacks

The film is to be screened at New York on the 21st of March, for the UN Violence Against Women Day.

‘Scarred’ is a film that I shot while I was in my final semester. Being a Visual Communication student, my interest in films have only grown with time and my love for the medium has become stronger. Film making is more of a passion than anything else.

The documentary, ‘Scarred’ is beyond all a small attempt by someone in the big wide world to tell a story, the story of these women, who I call brave. Who have fought a battle that was never theirs and still emerged victorious. They are testimony to the fact that appearance and outer beauty does not define a person. Even though they lost their face they braved the tests of time, fought the underlying patriarchal notions of society, stood up for themselves and today no force can wipe out their identity!

Their  stories have the power to change lives, to touch people. ‘Scarred’ isn’t just a film, it is a message that must reach out to millions of people who are unaware of the gravity of the situation.

While I was shooting the documentary I never imagined as to how this film would reach people. I was just experiencing the whole journey, a life changing journey. Three months of the shoot was an unforgettable experience. It changed my perception of the world, in one short sentence, ‘IT CHANGED ME’.

After the edit and the release, I knew that ‘Scarred’ was the closest thing to my heart. I knew that this film will change lives. Will it bring change in the society? Will it change the world? Will it change the system? No, these were questions I cannot answer and quite frankly, I am unsure of it. But I know that each individual who watches ‘Scarred’ will take back something, something that might touch your heart, something you will always remember, something that will bring you close to humanity, closer than it would to reality. 30 minutes will be an experience that you will never forget and that, I am sure of.

The film looks at the underlying patriarchal structure that guides the entire mental and physical functioning of the society. It looks into the misogynistic ideologies that exists till date. My main aim was to send a message across to the world, to you! What that message is only the film will tell.

Scarred urges you to not just lend your ears but to lend your hearts to the issue.

Scarred is the second documentary all India to be made on the issue of Acid Attacks and the first to gain a nationwide platform. The film has been featured in leading newspapers in India.

It has been running in several film festivals and has won all the categories in the Rolling Frames International Film Festival (Best Documentary, Best Editing, Best Music Direction, Best Cinematography, Best Direction). It was also nominated in the Mumbai Women’s International Film Festival and the International Documentary and Short Film Festival of Kerala, a State Award. It is currently running for the Zero mm Youth Film Festival South Asia, 2016.

An interview in Asianet, a leading Kerala News Channel.

Recent coverage in the Deccan Chronicle, Kerala

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 3.38.33 pm

Here is ‘Scarred’ in the Deccan Herald, leading national English daily.

Scarred Deccan Herald

Featured in the Deccan Chronicle


A story of it was in the Bangalore Mirror, the first paper that covered Scarred.

Scarred Bangalore Mirror

Available online, please do read through.

I request you to watch the film and get back to me with your thoughts.

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