Eyes That Drove Me Crazy

How deep is your love?

We’ve heard stories of people falling in love with their best friends, with a college mate or someone they came across at some point of time in life and that someone just became too special. What’s more? You have love birds in the virtual world as well, they have never met but every Skype call and message is so packed with love.

But what if one could fall in love with the imaginary, someone existing within the darkness of your mind. Can you really be infatuated with someone or something that does not exist?

This poem is an expression of one’s love towards the unknown. I hope you enjoy it, Read on!


Far, far away deep under the sea
I see your dark blue eyes gazing at me
It’s the surface keeping us apart
And every time you blink, its love that fills my heart.

It’s your eyes I’ve fallen in love with
It’s those eyes that’s driven me crazy
The selflessness, the love, the innocence, the peace
Everything your eyes depicts to me
Raises my heart increases its beats….

How can I explain this loneliness and pain?
My world, without you is, oh! so plain
It’s a wave of departure that’s engulfed me…
You’ve made me empty from within
Is this what love really is…Walking through heavens doors,
While in reality you’re on the floor….

9075807_f520No matter what it may be, no matter what they say.
I hope, one day the clouds open wide
I see you as a whole with your eyes shining bright
I’ve made a quick decision, I pray it comes true
Either you rise from below or I’ll come to you.

9075812_f520All I want to know is who you really are
The genie in the waters or a fallen star
Soon you’ll move away, soon you’ll find your way
I know this won’t last for long
You’ll soon be a memory to cherish,
A thought that will fill me with bliss…

9075818_f520But every time I live this moment
I know you’ll come alive
Your piercing eyes will catch my sight
And soon you’ll take hold of my mind.

I have no regrets for what is happening
I know not whom to complain
Cause you’re a dream that I’ve created
And I’m the one to blame.

I can see you moving a part,
Slowly pacing away
However far you move, you’ll remain in my heart
There forever you’ll stay! 




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